Thursday, May 1, 2008

Timeline, Part Ek (One, in Hindu)

For anyone interested in how the application process works, here's a brief timeline of what's happened so far:

March 26: I filled out an application online at I also checked the "Current Opportunities" under the "Jobs & People" link and found the Development Editor position posted there, which sounded like an excellent fit for my skills, experience and future work-life goals. The posting had an email contact for the New Directions human resources representative in Inda, so I contacted Ranjani Sridhar to express my interest in the position.

March 27: I heard back from Ranjani Sridhar and supplied him more information such as my work history and a statement of why I was interested in the position and how I felt the exchange would be mutually beneficial.

March 28: Karen Harbrow, Management Development, Pearson plc. emailed the HR representative for my branch of Pearson to get HR approval.

April 21: Heard back from Ranjani!

Srinivas (our publishing Manager Higher Education Books, and copied in
this mail)thinks you could do some development work for us based in Delhi and for some of our projects in Chandigarh (our Content Development center in the neighboring state Haryana).

At this point, I contacted my own manager (with whom I'd already had discussions about my desire to participate in the New Directions program) and the HR champion for New Directions in Iowa.

April 30: Met with local HR rep to fill her in on what had been done so far and discuss next steps. She is now working with London to complete an estimation of the total cost of the work assignment and a formal assignment letter detailing specifics like length of assignment, when it will begin, international healthcare, lodging, etc. HR advises me that the process for determining and documenting the details is well-documented and supported by the New Directions team in London. It can be completed in as little as four weeks.

So I've got to talk myself into getting the necessary innoculations soon.

I hate needles.

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