Friday, October 10, 2008

The Way Home

There are just three more hours before I leave the Ahuja Residency for the airport here in Delhi. I have taken copious notes this week in my journal but not had the time to do my daily write-ups. The week has been filled with festivities, busy times at work and sad goodbyes with the thoughtful, intelligent, witty, considerate, soulful and otherwise wonderful people I have been lucky enough to meet while I've been here.

I just got done giving Mira her tip and cried even then.

Even Palminder told me he is "very, very sad" that I'm leaving. Fancy that.

So anyway, I will chronicle my last week in India, but it's a task I'll undertake when I'm back in the United States. The week has been too full to write each night.

To everyone I've met here in India, best wishes and thank you for making me feel so comfortable and so accepted while I've been here.

To my friends and family in the United States, I can't wait to see you all again. Thank you for cheering me on from across the world. I felt your support with me every step of the way.

Check back next week for more entries. I promise to draw this thing to a proper conclusion--or maybe just keep it going. Who knows?


auntlinda said...

when you told me you were going to India... i was too excited to sleep ... when you got there i was too excited to sleep... when things went wrong i was so worried i could not sleep ... when it started to be an adventure of a lifetime i was so proud i could not sleep ... when the bombs went off i was too scared to sleep ... now you are coming home and believe me when i tell you .. i am too excited to sleep!!!!!!!!!! this world traviling has to stop cuz i need to sleep ... i love you more than i can say . i am bursting with pride for all you are GOOD JOB VIK .. you did it .. now maybe i can get some sleep

Justin said...

It was a very good blog. I enjoyed the snaps that you posted. If you want to know something real about life India is one of the best places to visit. Keep up the good work.